Monday, November 23, 2009

PETA Wants a Meat Tax

We almost forgot, back in Oct of this year, PETA demonstrators once again put on their pig and chicken costumes, calling for a tax on meat.
They were holding signs saying farming methods were responsible for the growth of avian flu virus and the swine flu virus.
Instead of calling upon everyone to become vegetarians, they just want meat eaters taxed now.
They say Cigarettes, alcohol, and gasoline are already federally taxed, so a "sin," tax is needed to help pay for their hidden health and environmental costs.
PETA claims the meat, a proven health hazard, meat has so far gotten off tax-free.
PETA is calling on members of Congress to support a "sin" tax on meat.
A tax on meat would help prevent future global warming-related natural disasters by encouraging a decrease in meat consumption.
A 10-cent tax on every pound of chicken, turkey, pig, fish, and cow flesh sold in grocery stores and restaurants would also help reduce Americans annual health care costs by encouraging people to stop eating meat.
They gathered near the Internal Reveue Service building and on Capitol Hill in Washington. 2009.

The image below was sent to the Voodoo Kitchen by Beth, (one of our faithful readers) thanks!