Monday, November 30, 2009

Scientists Grow Pork Meat in a Lab

In the above photo you can get a sense of how meat is grown for your dinner table. 
Click on to the photo for a closer look.

We've been hearing about test tube meats for some time now, here we go again.
Scientists in the Netherlands have successfully synthesized some real pork meat without having to kill any pigs.
Even though it's not edible yet, they predict something will change all that and you'll be eating lab meat in a mere five years
This time around they have what they're calling "soggy pork," which is fake pig muscle that's pretty gross because it's never been exercised.
But here's the good news, they are trying to figure out a way to tone it up in the lab, sounds yummy already.
The experts in Holland used cells from a live pig to replicate growth in a petri dish.
The claim is, “in-vitro” or cultured meat could reduce the billions of tons of greenhouse gases emitted each year by farm animals — if people are willing to eat it.
That's a very big "if."
So far the scientists have not tasted it, but they believe the breakthrough could lead to sausages and other processed products being made in the laboratory, just 60 months from now.
 The proponents promise replacing all those factory farmed animals with slabs of meat rolling off an assembly line,  we'd be doing the planet and animals a whole lot of good.
In other words, they want us to believe if it comes out of a test tube instead of a farm, the world will be a better place.