Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home Cooking - A Lost Art?

We hate to believe that the passion to cook is dwindling but then we read a Thanksgiving news story that says: "Forget about home cooking on this Thanksgiving. 
A new study says ten percent of Americans will get their turkey fix by eating out.
"It's easier for us to get together. It's over and done with, and we don't clean up after ourselves." 

"It's over and done with by 11:30, by then, we're done eating, and we're doing what we planned for the rest of the day."

We remain hopeful because we still get many 'how to' cooking questions at our shows and here from the blog,
so it seems there are still  those of you that have the desire to cook.
But when we see stories like the one above, or watch shoppers glued to the frozen section of a store,
or see the vacant blank stares from people as we explain simple recipes, we have some concern.
Despite the popularity of celebrity chefs and reality cooking shows people still seem confused trying to navigate their way around a kitchen.
Once kitchens were filled with the smell of fresh, homemade stews, roasts, breads and soups; those days seem to be passing us by.
Much of the passion with cooking begins from parents who cook and who teach their children how to cook, then pass down recipes to each generation.
Cooking together, talking at the kitchen table, doing things together, well, you see where we are going with this, right?
If the parents don't cook, choosing instead to eat meals out or bring meals home, or using the microwave as the family chef, chances are their kids won't cook either.
Is the art of Cooking being turned into the art of dining out?
Cooking at home gives us not just the meal but also the occasion of eating together, a way of building traditions.
Maybe the art of cooking has only been wounded, we still have faith that  home cooking will survive because there's nothing else like it, and it's a wonderful way to keep family traditions alive!