Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cannibalism the Latest Fashion

It appears that cannibalism is in  fashion currently.
The latest report is a case of in Germany where German police found posts on the internet from a man trying (get this) to find volunteers to be slaughtered victims for a cannibalistic meal. 
It turns out  that Armin M., a 41-year-old computer engineer from Rotenburg, had been persuasive enough to convince Bernd Jürgen to be the victim.

Apparently, Bernd volunteered to be slaughtered and eaten by Armin. 
After making contact over the Internet, Bernd visited Armin in Rotenburg. 
They bought a large supply of painkillers and got to work.
We aren't sure how this works, but they cut of Bernd's penis, and ate it together.
Then Armin slaughtered Bernd in the bathtub, drained his blood, and cut the meat off his bones. He packaged the meat and put it in his freezer. 
During the following summer, Armin barbequed some ribs on the grill in his backyard. 
(we're talking about Bernd's ribs here)

When police found Armin, he admitted his act of cannibalism, but insisted his victim volunteered to be slaughtered.