Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Woman Attacks Burger King Employees

It's happened again, it's happening still, it's the same old story and it's getting very familiar.
This angry woman starts a fight with Burger Kings employees after she didn't get her order the way she wanted it.
The lovely Tara Lyons, 38, (above mug shot) was arrested and charged with assault and battery and burglary after she climbed over the counter at an Burger King and started throwing breakfast sandwiches and condiments at employees.
She was pissed off after spending $1.06 for a breakfast sandwich, at the drive thru, because she thought someone had spit in her sandwich.

No one seems to know why Lyons thought someone spit in her food, but she suffered a laceration over her face after being pushed off the counter.
After that, Lyons left only to come back into the store, climb over the counter and grab a cup of scalding water.
She then chased several cooks out the back of the store, some of the employees locked themselves in rooms, and the cooks had took refuge on the bus.