Friday, March 18, 2011

What to do? Is it Iodine tablets, salt, seaweed, or red wine?

As the nuclear panic sets in, health food stores, pharmacies and supermarkets thousands of miles from the meltdown in Japan are selling everything in hopes to prevent radiation poisoning.

Russia has sold lots of red wine and seaweed.
We see people in China people buying lots and lots of salt, and in Bulgaria they are running out of iodine tablets.

People are doing this because they simply don't believe government officals who say this is nothing to worry about, like President Obama, inspiring no confidence when he proclaims there's no threat of radiation

The Chinese,  government is calling  for calm after people bought up humongous quantities of salt thinking there was enough iodine to block radiation.

China's Ministry of Health said an adult would need to swallow 6.6lbs of salt at one sitting to prevent radiation poisoning, and the country's largest salt maker, China National Salt Industry Corp., issued a statement saying it had ample reserves and that "panic buying and hoarding is unnecessary".

China keeps telling the citizens there is no threat of radiation contamination from the Fukushima plant, 620 miles from them.
But having told the people that, they went ahead and began checking all incoming food imports for radiation.

Meanwhile in Russia, there was seaweed and red wine flying off the shelves.

The Russian government in the past recommended seaweed, which contains iodine, and red wine, which helps block radiation because of its tannin content.
Sales of vodka were also up because people believe it could help block radiation.

Bakers in Russia have increased production of a special kind of bread which is rich in iodine.

In Bulgaria,  Professor Donka Baykova, a nutritionist, encouraged people to drink red wine to help prevent radiation.

Ukrainians in Bulgaria are using chili peppers as a of blocking radiation.

Sales of potassium iodide tablets have skyrocketed after comments from the Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin, who said it was "definitely appropriate" to buy iodine.

Some people have put plastic wrap over their doors and window to keep the radiation out.