Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Burger King Bikini Brawl

Panama City Beach is where a cell phone camera captured the action in a Burger King Saturday, as a crowd of tourists rioted.

Employees dialed 9-1-1 for help, as one bikini woman, identified as Kimesia Smith of Montgomery, Ala., jumped up on the counter and threw a charity coin jug at employees, and 3 of Smith's friends also began throwing napkins, utensils, and trays throughout the location.
We are as sick and tired of these losers as you are, but we want to remind people of the kind of world we live in because it inspires us to not be one of them.

According to a Panama City Beach Police Department report, Smith tried to pull away after being handcuffed. “Take your damn hands off me, you can’t touch me,” said Smith. While in custody, she “continued screaming and yelling” at a cop and a Burger King employee who identified her for officers.
In an interview, Smith said that the confrontation began after she complained to workers about the tardy delivery of the Whopper Jr. and french fries she had ordered. She recalled exclaiming loudly, “Damn, these folks are slow.”
After waiting 20 minutes for the items, Smith said she flung the bag of food at workers with whom she had quarreled. Smith also copped to, among other things, throwing another customer’s drink at wokers, pulling the manager’s hair, and throwing the coin jug.
“We tore the Burger King up,” she remarked. “I don’t play no games.”