Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Priest Celebrates Early

Priest Kury, 35, was arrested because he drove his car off the road and failed a field sobriety test. 
When he was brought back to the police station, the good priest blew a .203 in a breathalyzer test, far beyond Ohio's legal limit of .08.
While he was handcuffed to the wall in a temporary cell , he exposed himself, and went into a rage.
His tearful jail cell sermon covered a variety of subjects, including: Oprah Winfrey and Sarah Palin to Libya and patriotism, all the time demanding to be released.
"Christ on the cross, you got these shackles on me," he said. "I'll give you the sermon on the mount, your sermon on the mount is this: get this f-–g bars off me 'cuz I'm getting a rash."
With Fat Tuesday and Lent just around the corner we bring you two fun videos of the priest from Ohio: