Monday, March 21, 2011

The Texas Taco Bell Shoot Out

Did you know that the the price of the Beefy Crunch Burrito had gone up from 99 cents to $1.49?
We didn't know either, and we really could care less, but the man at the Rigsby Road Taco Bell drive-thru who had just ordered seven, was pretty upset.
He was so pissed off by the price hike he shot an air gun at the manager, then showed a semiautomatic assault rifle and pistol while in the restaurant's parking lot.
So, because of the extra $3.50, he exchanged gunfire with police and barricaded himself in his hotel room.
The SWAT team and this guy spent three hour together in a standoff before he was taken into custody.
Police used tear gas to get him out of the motel room where he was staying and they discovered a rifle and two handguns.

The restaurant manager said his employees told him a customer was upset about the price of the Beefy Crunch Burrito.
“They did use to be 99 cents, but that was just a promotion,” the manger said. “He pointed a gun at me, and he fired it. I leaned to the side and there was a pop but nothing happened.”

A few moments later, he saw the man put an assault rifle and a handgun on the roof of his Mitsubishi Eclipse. Customers dove under their tables, the employees scrambled to the back and the manger locked the doors as the police were being called.
The man then jumped into his vehicle and took off.
A few miles away officers saw the suspect and three patrol units pulled over the car.
As the officers got out of their cars, the man got out of his car carrying the assault rifle in his hands and pointing it at the officers.
Both sides began firing, one of the windshields on a patrol car was shattered.
At that point, the man drove off to the motel,, and the man refused to come out.
Sharpshooters climbed up on the roof of the Sky Line Food Mart next to the motel.

Through a megaphone the negotiator could be heard telling the man to pick up the phone.
“No one needs to get hurt,” the negotiator said.
Without a reply from the man inside, SWAT put tear gas into the room, it was then the man came out without further incident.
The manger later said, “the weird thing is, “He was here a week ago around the same time last Sunday. He yelled at me then too.”