Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gordon Ramsay has tried to help his Brother Beat Addiction.

Chef Gordon Ramsay's brother is selling the Big Issue on the streets of London just to survive and says he lives a hand to mouth existence.
Ronnie Ramsay, 41, is a long-term heroine addict who has spent some time in prison, after being convicted of heroin possession in 2007.

Selling the Big Issue, a $3 homeless magazine, outside a department store in Plymouth, in England's south, Ronnie said he was completely cut off from his family. "I'm down on my luck and haven't had any contact with Gordon or my mum for a while.'' "They have wiped their hands of me and this is all I can do to get by.

"I've been back in Britain for ages but the family won't talk to me.''

While he was imprisoned, Ronnie says he was ignored by his successful brother. "I asked Gordon for his help, he knows I need help. I've heard nothing from my family. It's heartbreaking,'' he said after his arrest.
But Gordon Ramsay has repeatedly tried to help his brother beat his addiction.

In his autobiography, Ramsay wrote about getting his brother into treatment five times; buying him heroine so he'd attend their father's funeral and spending about $727,000 on his brother.
Gordon Ramsay finally gave up. "It's the one thing I feel I've failed at. I find it hard knowing that there's nothing I can do to help,'' he said in the autobiography.

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