Saturday, August 4, 2012

Caesars Palace $17 Million Buffet


This isn't just any ordinary all you an eat smorgasbord, we are talking about made-to-order chocolate and vanilla soufflés, home-smoked ribs and chefs who've worked in reallly fine restaurants.

Caesars Palace's revamped $17 million buffet, tentatively set to open in Las Vegas Sept. 10, will be the Strip's biggest, with 524 menu items. Caesars researched other Vegas buffets and says it will dish up more dishes. 
This won't be reheated food that sat in a warmer, instead Executive chef Scott Green (photo below) says 80%-90% of the food will be made at buffet stations in front of the customer.

Of course you'll have the Vegas buffet standards: prime rib, fried chicken, cocktail shrimp and crabed legs.
But, there will also be  Red velvet pancakes with sweet cream cheese on the breakfast menu. Espresso drinks will also be offered.

And this isn't just any lox and bagel

How about authentic breakfast dim sum.

Chef Green doesn't think of Bacchanal as a buffet, but as "nine litttle restaurants operating under one roof," he says. Four of the buffet's six chefs have worked at Michelin-starred restaurants.

The 590- seat feast will offer more than 20 kinds of bread baked fresh daily, that includes the same bread that Caesars' upscale Restaurant Guy Savoy serves.
Vegetarian and gluten-free items also will be offered.

Shrimp and Grits

"The major focus is the quality of the food," Green says, such as sliders fresh-cooked on a mesquite-burning grill.
Prices are looking to be: breakfast, $19.99; lunch, $24.99; dinner, $39.99.