Sunday, August 5, 2012

Artist charges New Yorkers $100 for braised RAT

A New York artist has cooked up a gourmet meal made from rats,    
and she actually found people willing to pay money for this dinner.

Brooklyn artist Laura Ginn put together the $100 per person, for the plating of two courses of vermin.

Starting out with a rat and pork paté and then an entree of braised rat.
The event which was all about self-sufficiency was called, 'Tomorrow We Will Feast on What We Catch' and Ginn served the meal wearing a dress made from 300 rat-skins.

The meal was prepared by chef Yuri Hart and Ginn bought 75 rats bred for medical testing in a 'clean and safe facility' in California for the meal.

We are told that the braised rat was described by some of the attendees as having the consistency and flavour of beef. 

Served with the meal was a Californian chardonnay and a Spanish Grenache and Ginn broke 16-years of vegetarianism herself to eat the rodent meal.

There were 20 guests at her gallery in the lower-east-side of Manhtattan, Ginn's wanted to take people out of their city-inspired comfort zone.

'I am hoping to give people the experience of pushing their boundaries,' Ginn said.

'The head was removed, but you could see the limbs,' said one guest, of the main course of braised and grilled rodent. 'It freaked me out.'

Ginn used 75 rats to prepare her meal which she served wearing a rat-skin dress.

At the end of the meal, there were apparently 'very few plates with vermin left on it' and Ginn cleared up the left-over bones which she is using to decorate the tables for future brave diners.

What a nice evening!