Monday, August 13, 2012

Store Wars: Costco shoppers in the U.S. battle Canadians crossing the border because weak U.S. dollar       

Angry shoppers are asking Costco to have opening times only for U.S. customers - after being swarmed by Canadians buying cheap milk.

Residents in Bellingham, Washington, say they are fed up with all the Canadian shoppers driving across the border to stock up on gas and food.

The nearest towns north of Bellingham are Abbotsford and Surrey in British Columbia -  only 30 miles across the border.

Canadian shoppers are taking advantage of their strong dollar against the weak U.S. currency and buy food and fuel for less than they would in Canada.

U.S.customers are complaining that the Canadians are 'rude' when they shop to buy cheap milk and gas

There is now a Facebook page of angry residents because of the 'rude Canadians' calling for them to be banned during certain times.

Local residents complain that cars with BC plates taking up two parking spaces is common.

Within seconds milk dissapeared as Canadian customers load their carts with the dairy product, because it's cheaper in the U.S. than it is in Canada.