Monday, August 20, 2012

Bucket of Bugs Anyone?

There are so many foods throughout the world that a lot of us would find difficult to swallow.
Many of the ingredients in these dishes are often victims of bug spray, yet here we are, starting off with:

Vietnamese Bug Larvae Soup:
If you find yourself in Vietnam you may want to throw caution to the wind and have a taste of larvae soup.

There are several types of Beetles in Thailand. 
The Water Beetle is often served either roasted or fried and said to taste like scallops. 

We are led to believe Cicadas taste like asparagus.
It's popular to deep-fried and served them with a sweet mustard sauce.

Fly Pupa:
After a fly leaves the larva infancy stage, and just before it becomes an adult, it is a pupa. At only 8mm long, it makes them perfect for sautéing.

Termites are found during the rainy season in Africa and parts of Indonesia. They can then be roasted, fried or made into a flour.

Walking Stick:
Tasting somewhat leafy, Walking Sticks are eaten in Asia and New Guinea. As a bonus, their legs can be used as fishing hooks.