Friday, November 25, 2011

Pakistani woman kills husband - boils body

Boil boil toil and trouble.
Police have arrested a woman in the Pakistani city of Karachi because she killed her husband, then chopped his body into pieces and boiling him/them trying to get rid of the evidence.

Above photo: her cooking tools.

42-year-old Zainab Bibi (above photo) told authorities she killed her husband because he assault her 17-year-old daughter from another marriage, and she was boiling mad.

Bibi's landlord found her at the stove, cooking the flesh from her husband's arm and leg. Pictured, kitchenware from the scene is taken away for examination

She said she sedated her husband by mixing sleeping pills in his tea and strangled him with rope. She and her nephew allegedly cut up her husband and boiled the flesh.
Police say the neighbors complained about a bad smell coming from her home, so they investigated.
As a result they also arrested the nephew.