Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jimmy Kimmel plays Halloween prank on kids

It wasn't pretty, there were tantrums, tears and lots of screaming.
This is what happened after hundreds of parents told their children they had stayed up late and ate all their Halloween candy.
And now the video of Jimmy Kimmel urging parents to play along with the joke.

He asked viewers to give their children the bad news, capture the results on video and post the results online.

There was one boy who told his dad: 'Good for you, daddy's probably going to have a belly ache.
'That's why you shouldn't eat so much candy.'

Jimmy Kimmel said he was surprised how many children burst into tears after hearing the news

And another little girl bursts into tears and shouts: 'Dad, you're ugly!'
But Kimmel, said the joke would cause so many tears.
He said: I kind of thought kids would be mad - but almost all of them cried.'