Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ashes to Ashes

Matrix Andaluz, Jose David Diaz Marrero, Waldo Soroa

This isn't a food story, but it's one we want to tell anyway.

Our main characters are: Waldo Soroa, 19; Matrix Andaluz, 18; Jose Marrero, 19.

They broke into a house in Florida.
Then there it was, white powder in two urns.
They knew they had hit the jackpot, it was the mother-loads of coke or perhaps heroin and started snorting it.

As luck would have it, they were actually snorting, a man and two dogs.

Yes, that's right, the drugs turned out to be the cremated remains of homeowner Holli Tencza's dad and her two Great Danes.

They snorted them and tasted them, then someone said, "I don't really think that's what these are.'"
Then these idiots thought it was cement mix, but eventually realizing their mistake, they took the urns with them because they were worried that their fingerprints would be found on the urns, so they dumped the evidence in a nearby lake.
The teens in Florida  told police that they initially had "some kind of internal conflict" and considered returning the remains. But they decided it was too risky and threw the dogs' ashes in a nearby lake. One of the defendants later directed investigators to the location where the remains had been thrown in.

The dive team was in the water for about an hour and found both of the boxes.

What a nice story!