Friday, July 13, 2012

Only McDonald's will be allowed to serve French Fries at the Olympics

McDonald's has arm twisted the Olympics to ban all other restaurants from selling French fries, unless it's served with fish.
This demand will make life difficult for hundreds of restaurants and food retailers who would otherwise serve fries with many popular dishes.
Olympic decision makers have banned all 800 food retailers at the 40 Games venues across Britain from serving French fries because of 'sponsorship obligations.'

The memo reads: 'Due to sponsorship obligations with McDonalds, Locog have instructed the catering team they are no longer allowed to serve chips on their own anywhere within the Olympic park.
'The only loophole to this is if it is served with fish.'
'Please understand this is not the decision of the staff serving up your meals, who given the choice would gladly give it you however they are not allowed to.
'This is being escalated through to the directors of L2012C and Locog and the IOC. 
'Please do not give the staff grief; this will only lead to us removing fish and chips completely.
'Everyone has a right to work in a none abusive environment.'

(Above photo, McDonald's, yards from Olympic stadium)

But the ban on fries means visitors from all over the world will be not be enjoying British favourites, including sauage and chips, gammon, egg and chips, lasgane and chips, steak and chips and chicken and chips.

French Fries will only be allowed to be sold with fish, saving at least one British classic.