Monday, July 23, 2012

The 'Slo Mo Guys' wrap 500 elastic bands around a watermelon

Slow motion is an interesting thing.
Human events seem to take on a new dimension, or at least that's what the 'Slow Mo Guys' may be thinking.

The 'Slow Mo Guys' wrap hundreds of rubber bands around a watermelon, building pressure, leading to an explosion of melon destruction.
It took 20 minutes to wrap the rubber bands around the melon and then recorded the action with a camera that can take 1,600 images per second.

Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy used a sledgehammer on a computer before, played golf with an apple, and exploded 'bottle-bombs', capturing each in slow motion.

The pair barely explain why they do what they do, Instead they seem to simply enjoy watching objects explode in slow motion.