Saturday, July 21, 2012

The 7-Eleven mashed potato and gravy machine


Singapore is in love with vending machines that dispense mashed potatoes and gravy in a matter of seconds, just like a slurpee, at where else, but 7-Eleven.

Even though the potato comes out looking something like banana/ vanilla milkshake, it apparently solidifies as time goes on.
When the button is pushed, the machine mixes with boiling water and instant mash potato powder. (yummy)
When the buttery potato pours out of the machine, chicken gravy squirts out on top.
Although the mash appears to have a watery consisinstant the instant potato seems to be similar to KFC’s mash - only better, we'll, that's what we're told.

This potato treat costs just a Singapore dollar (80 U.S. cents) and, when you can no longer stand eating the chicken gravy, there is also a BBQ flavored option. 
Representatives from 7-Eleven say there are no plans to bring the machines into U.S. stores. (thankfully)