Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Denies alcohol enema - 'As a Christian, I would never desecrate my body like that'

Remember Alexander Broughton? 
He's the one who was rushed to hospital unconscious with blood alcohol level over five times the limit.

Alexander P. Broughton, (photo above) denies the butt-chugging event and is threatening to take legal action against....well, we aren't sure against who, but he's ready to sue.

He says its impossible that he experienced an alcohol enema because of his religion.

Alexander is threatening to take legal action, claiming that 'as a Christian' he would 'never desecrate his body' in such a way, even though he was rushed to the Medical Center, unconscious with an injured rectum and a blood-alcohol level more than five times the legal limit.

According to police, witness John Patrick Carney, from Broughton's fraternity, told officers his buddy had been butt-chugging wine to get drunk faster.

But in a statement, Broughton said an alcohol enema was 'the most gross idea I have ever heard.'
'I would never do such a thing,' he said. 'I am a Christian who would never desecrate my body in that manner. To do so would be against God's law.'

But officials insist the enema was the reason Broughton 'ended' up in the emergency room, and say evidence collected at the fraternity house after that evening's 'blackout party' supported the claim.

When Broughton was brought to the hospital his blood alcohol level was measured at 0.448 per cent — nearly six times the intoxication that defines drunken driving in the state. Injuries to his rectum led hospital officials to fear he had been sodomized.

Police documents show that when an officer interviewed a fellow fraternity member about what happened, the student said the injuries had been caused by an alcohol enema, known among students as 'butt chugging.'
'It is believed that members of the fraternity were utilizing rubber tubing inserted into their rectums as a conduit for alcohol,' according to a police report.
While Broughton told police he remembered participating in a drinking game with fellow members of the Pi Kappa Alpha chapter, he denied having an alcohol enema, even though the evidence said otherwise.
'He also had no recollection of losing control of his bowels and defecating on himself,' according to a university police report that includes photos of the mess left behind in the fraternity house after the party.