Friday, October 19, 2012

7-Eleven staff stops, struggles, strips and bites candy thief

This candy thief was stripped naked in a wild struggle with store employees at a Brooklyn 7-Eleven who tried to steal a box of candy bars.
The thief man was chased around the store by two employees, knocking things off the shelves as the chance continued.
The employees took hold of him as he fought to escape through the front door with such intention, that he drags them out with him.

As the struggle continued, they managed to pull him back inside through the door.
They grab him by his shirt, then they grab hold of his vest, tearing it as they do.

The thief kept saying,'I ain't got nothing' over and over, before changing his story to 'it's only one box', confessing to be a thief after all.

One of the employees attempts a tried and true method, he bites the thief.

The candy thief was getting his clothes torn piece by thief as he desperately tries to escape.

Eventually the thief is stripped down only to his underwear and
his arms are wrapped around his waist while it appears another employee is biting his back.
The struggle continues in the doorway, and the thief's hand gets caught between the door and the frame.

Finally, the 7-Eleven manage to get the man into the back of the store.

So, what have we learned from this story?
Well, this individual probably won't shoplift from this store again. As such, it appears to be a successful way to deal with shoplifting 

If all thieves thought this beating could happen to them, maybe fewer of them would do it.