Saturday, August 27, 2011

Word to the wise, BE PREPARED

We will only know the impact of hurricane Irene after it's all done with, but we know that the threat alone sent shoppers into stores to stock up and wipe out the shelves.

Home Depot and Wal-Mart Stores were busy selling selling water, flashlights, batteries and almost everything else.

"Most probably, the biggest demand right now is for generators, obviously," said Suzanne Roche, manager of a Sears store in Wilmington, North Carolina. "We have got customers calling nonstop."

Many stores thought they would be selling back to school clothes, shoes and school supplies, those plans have been put on hold.

"Nobody is going to go to a mall to buy a pair of jeans," said Richard Hastings, consumer strategist at Global Hunter Securities.

Target plans to keep their stores open as long as it is safe for shoppers and workers, and to comply with any evacuation orders.

Walgreens said it would keep many stores open 24 hours a day to meet demand for supplies.

We see this all the time, people panic, wipe out the stores and hope for the best.

Once again, wouldn't it be great if we could be prepare before an emergency strikes?

Even if you had a two week supply of food, water, pet food, batteries, first aid kit, propane and whatever else you may need, you wouldn't have to worry if you'll be ready.

The average grocery store has just 72 hours of inventory...
and that is easily wiped out even by severe weather warnings.

We have gone over this in greater detail in earlier posts (feel free to check them out) but look at these photos, you don't want to be in this prepared.