Friday, August 12, 2011

Taco Bell employee cuffs self to coworker after date refusal

Jason Dean, 24 had been relentless asking a female coworker at Taco Bell for a date,  and she kept telling him no.
So Jason comes up with this genius plan, he handcuffs himself to the 18 year old woman Monday night in the parking lot of Taco Bell.
Eventually the teenager was finally freed after other Taco Bell workers convinced Dean, (pictured in the above mug shot) to release her.
As a result Jason found himself in handcuffs as well, proivided by the police.
He now faces a felony false imprisonment charge.

The victim turned down Dean’s advances (smart girl) over the past month and she even had her shift changed to avoid the creepy fellow.

When Dean was arrested last night, he was in possession of the pair of handcuffs, and not the ones he was wearing himself.