Sunday, August 22, 2010

Two Tone - The Giant Carp is Dead

Anglers are quite dismayed over the death of a giant carp found floating on a lake in Kent.

Known as Two Tone, weighed in at 67lb 14oz, becoming Britain's biggest native freshwater fish in 2001 when he tipped the scales at 59lbs and 12ozs.

The mirror carp, named Two Tone because of the skin colour, was at least 40-years-old and probably died from old age.

Chris Logsdon, manager of Mid Kent Fisheries, which runs Conningbrook Lake at Ashford, said: "A week last Thursday it was seen looking distressed. We searched the lake for it, then this Saturday it was found floating on the surface.

"I think the hard winter and the cold spring."

He said Two Tone was "the pinnacle of the angling world" because he was cunning and difficult to catch.

"Any carp angler worth their salt wanted to to catch him and a lot tried and failed. It's part of fishing history," he added.

Two Tone is going to have a proper burial,  next to the lake he swam in all these years,  with a plaque marking his grave.

"I think there may be 20 or 30 people there," Mr Logsdon said.

"Some of these guys have spent every minute of their time at this lake trying to catch this beast, a lot of friendships have been made by people on the banks - it's been an extraordinary, exceptional beast."

Two Tone - RIP