Sunday, August 29, 2010

Six Indian factory workers drown in tomato sauce

Even though this happened last month, it's better late than never.
Here's what we know:
  • A female worker drowns after falling into a tomato sauce vat.
  • Five of her colleagues die trying to rescue her.
  • The workers were overcome by the fumes of the vegetables.
So, a total of six workers drowned in a vat of tomato sauce at a factory in India,.

Investigators say the woman was scooping up fermented vegetables from the vat when she slipped off her ladder and plunged into the raw material used to make the sauce.
“When the woman fell in, the other workers jumped in to help her,”

When the five co-workers went in to save her, they overcome by fumes given off from fermenting vegetables and drowned right along with the woman.

This all happened at the Akansha Food Products in India.

Not only has he factory owner Ritesh Arora been accused of treating the laborers like slaves, he has also been taken into custody.
Family members of the deceased waned compensation from the factory owners and the owner
has decided to give them compensation of Rs 50,000 each to the relatives of six people who died when a gas leaked from the fermentation tank.

The compensation announced by the owner, Ritesh Arora, is in addition to the Rs 20,000 each announced by the district administration on Wednesday night.

Regardless of the compensation, Arora,  was booked by the police in a culpable homicide and negligence case and sent to jail.