Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bananas have appeal in Japan

We have no idea who this guy in the above picture is, but he's definitely part of this Dole commercial:

And, we still don't get it.
Anyway, Dole Food Company is betting on banana vending machines in Japan.
Japan is no stranger to vending machines, with things like: cigarettes, drinks, snacks, eggs, fresh meat, live lobsters, tobacco, beer, umbrellas, vegetables and even used-schoolgirl-panties, bananas are a natural fit.

Dole is selling bananas for just ¥130 ($1.50 USD) each or ¥390 ($4.50 USD) for six.

They’ll be kept at 55.4 degrees Fahrenheit / 13 degrees Celsius,which is the “ideal temperature” for bananas.
It's interesting that many office workers and students depend on vending machines as their breakfast and lunch sustenance.
But, Japanese etiquette considers it in bad taste to eat in public.

So, workers and students will perhaps have to carry their their banana back to work or school before eating it.
Bad taste or not, a prototype banana vending machine has already proved successful at the Shibuya station in Tokyo, which attracts approximately 2.4 million commuters per day.