Friday, June 29, 2012

'Why don't you just go eat at McDonald's, you plank?' Burger King manager tells customer 

Charlotte Chamberlain (above photo) received a rude email after complaining about her food at Burger King.
When Charlotte complained about the Burger King staff using a microwave to heat her food she received the following Email:

The email, apparently from the customer services department, called Charlotte Chamberlain a ‘plank’ and suggested that maybe she should go to McDonald’s.

Charlotte and a friend were disappointed to find the burgers they had ordered were put into a microwave. They complained and wanted a refund before leaving the store in Corby, Northamptonshire.
She later made a formal complaint to Burger King. She was shocked when she receive the email, which read: ‘Message from the King. If you want cold food you only have to ask, you plank. In future could you please go to Macs. Ha Ha Ha.’ 
Charlotte said: ‘I was absolutely stunned, shocked. I couldn’t believe a big company could treat a customer like this."

The email was one of around 15 sent by the former owner of the Corby franchise who somehow hacked his way into the Burger King customer service email, writing nasty little responses.
Burger King has since apologized to Miss Chamberlain and provided vouchers for free meals.
A spokesman said: ‘A former franchisee is no longer connected to Burger King UK Ltd.
‘His actions are in no way representative of the views of Burger King and our quality of customer care. As soon as we discovered he had unauthorised access to our email system, we immediately blocked his access and are investigating the matter internally. We sincerely apologise for any offence caused to our customers.’
Burger King confirmed staff are required to microwave flame-grilled burgers before they are served as ‘a standard quality measure’ to ensure they are safe and hygienic.
‘If a customer would rather their sandwich is not put in the microwave, they are free to request this,’ the spokesman said.

What is a plank?
As an insult, it means you're stupid or a moron.