Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bourdain's other cooking show

While Simon Cowell is prepping for his food came show, Anthony Bourdain just might co-host a new cooking reality show on ABC.

Bourdain would appear on the unnamed cooking show along with British TV chef Nigella Lawson, which will have chefs facing one another.

According to ABC, the casting is just for a test, the show itself doesn't actually exist yet. But Bourdain has alreafy confirmed his hosting duties.

The show will be looking for anyone who can put two ingredients together. According to the casting notice: "Whether you are a restaurateur, executive chef, sous chef, line cook, culinary student or home cook — you are encouraged to apply! We are on a nationwide search for all types of cooks from all backgrounds with range of cooking styles."

As we told you in an earlier post, Bourdain's new show on CNN will be similar to "No Reservations" but does not have a title either.
Bourdain told fans not to worry that CNN move would mess up the good thing he has going. He wrote, "We will not be dumbing it down, we will not change our basic natures, we will not be morphing into something we are not. We will continue to do what we do. And have a hell of a good time doing it."