Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bangers Banned: because of 'religious reasons'

Roast pork and sausages have always been a favorite when it comes to British eating.
And may we add, it's also one of our favorites here in the Voodoo Kitchen.

But now hundreds of school children will be denied pork and those delicious sausages for school lunches because of 'religious reasons'.
Pork  has been banned by councils across the country because the wants of staff and pupils who are not allowed contact with it.

So, school kids who may enjoy pork will be denied pork because of the religious beliefs of others.
The decision has been criticised by MPs who have said the ban will cause unnecessary resentment among pupils and religious leaders who said they never asked for a ban in the first place.

Muslim leaders have only ever asked that halal and non-halal meat be handled separately in an effort to avoid any cross contamination and for clear labelling when serving school dinners.
'Children at mainstream school who are bothered would probably have packed lunches,' he said to the Sunday Telegraph. 
'Children who are comfortable with using the same cutlery and crockery as everyone else would choose their dishes from the options available. It is live and let live - we are certainly not calling for this.'

Even though schools offer a vegetarian option, many feel this is a campaign for political correctness.
There is a lot of people saying that pupils should be able to choose not to have pork or not, but it's unfair to deny those with no objection to the meat.
Decisions like these may cause resentment among students with the feeling that the majority has to adjust to the minority. 

We suppose the question becomes, where do you stop? 
We've always thought it was best to let the individual decide what to eat, and not be forced because of political or religious reasons.