Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The World's Most Expensive Burger $295.00

New York City restaurant Serendipity 3 has the world’s most expensive hamburger, and now it's in the Guinness World Records.

Called ‘Le Burger Extravagant’, the burger costs US$295—and is made from “a mix of Japanese Wagyu beef infused with 10-herb white truffle butter, seasoned with Salish Alderwood smoked Pacific sea salt,” topped with cheddar cheese by famous England cheesemaker James Motgomery, black truffles and a fried quail egg; and “served on a gold-dusted campagna roll spread with white truffle butter”; and topped with blini, crème fraiche and Kaluga caviar.

The burger also comes with a solid gold “Fleur de Lis” toothpick encrusted with diamonds and designed by world-renowned jeweller Euphoria New York.

The burger can be pre-ordered with a 48-hour notice; profits would be donated to the non-profit organization, The Bowery Mission, that feeds and assists homeless in New York.