Saturday, May 26, 2012

She punches, pepper spays and spits

Meet Lonneshia Shafaye Appling.

This 340 pound woman, 26, was downright hungry, so much so she did everything in her power to shoplift beer, bacon, cheese, and chicken wings.
She made her attempt at a Piggly Wiggly, where she punched, spit at, and pepper-sprayed store workers who confronted her as she tried to flee the supermarket Wednesday afternoon.

Apparently she had $88.27 worth of stolen goods in a canvas bag. She “attempted to check out, only putting one item on the counter."

When a Piggly Wiggly employee--who had been informed of the shoplifting asked Appling about the concealed items, she tried to exit the store. After the employee tried to stop Appling, she “pulled out some pepper spray and sprayed him in the face.”

Appling kept spraying as several workers tried to keep her from fleeing. The heavyweight Appling also allegedly punched Orr in the face and spit on the 28-year-old employee. As she successfully exited from the store, Appling “was dropping beer cans out of her purse.”

Responding to a 911 call, a cop reported spotting “a very large black female in a purple dress standing there screaming at two store employees” who followed her outside the Piggly Wiggly, which was filled with a choking cloud of pepper spray. Police then arrested Appling, whose rap sheet includes several prior shoplifting convictions and outstanding arrest warrants in three Georgia counties.

Cops prepared an inventory of the items Appling sought to steal and consume: five packages of cheese; eight cans of Coors Light; vegetable oil; chicken wings; and five packages of bacon. 

While in police custody, Appling told a cop to add whatever charges he wanted “because she was going to plea bargain and half of the charges would be dropped anyway.” 

The unemployed--and now jailed Appling “also commented that store personnel shouldn’t chase people like that because they could get themselves hurt.”