Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Quaker Oats Facelift

The Quaker Oats man has been given a thinner face, new hairdo and broader shoulders.
Because Pepsi wanted  to subtly modernize the old guy to promote ‘heathy choices.'
The Quaker Oats guy before the facelift is on the left, and after the makeover is on the right.

The Oats guy is still smiling, still has white hair, but with a slimmer face, broader shoulders and calmer hairdo.

PepsiCo Inc., owns the 134-year-old brand and they thought consumers would associate the cereal with “energy and healthy choices."

They wanted to keep him jolly looking  but they got rid of his double chin and gave him a more attractive haircut.

“We took about 5 pounds off him,” said Michael Connors, the head designer of the firm hired to give the Quaker Oats man his new look.

The brand wanted the shift to be subtle; a too dramatic change to a well-known logo has spelled disaster in the past.

Our verdict?
We like the old guy just the way he was before.