Monday, March 5, 2012

Man Sues AMC Theatres Over Snack Prices

Joshua Thompson enjoys going to the movies but
hates the prices theaters charge for soda and candy.

So, like so many other sue happy people, he has decided to file a class action suit against his local AMC theater, hoping theaters statewide lower snack prices.

"He got tired of being taken advantage of," said Thompson's lawyer, "It's hard to justify prices that are three- and four-times higher than anywhere else."

American Multi Cinema, which operates the AMC theater in Livonia, wouldn't comment on the suit. A staffer at the National Association of Theatre Owners in Washington, D.C., angrily hung up the phone when asked about industry snack pricing practices.

"The prices are ridiculous," Rebecca Motley, 55, a self-employed Southfield physician, said while leaving the AMC. (photo below)

Motley said she and her office manager spent $5 each for morning movie tickets and $11 each for soft drinks and popcorn.

"When I was a kid, $1 could get you into the movies and buy you a pop and popcorn. But not anymore," Motley said. "I don't know how kids can go on their own to a movie anymore."

Then there was another person complaining: "Movie concession prices are extremely high, and that's why I don't stop at the snack bar very often," he said while leaving the AMC theater.

Thompson said in his lawsuit that he used to take his own pop and candy to the AMC in until the theater posted a sign banning the practice.

The suit accused AMC theaters of violating the Michigan Consumer Protection Act by charging grossly excessive prices for snacks.

The suit seeks refunds for customers who were overcharged, a civil penalty against the theater chain and any other relief Judge Kathleen Macdonald might grant.

Some consumer lawyers predicted that suit will dismissed  because "It's a loser," says Gary Victor, an Eastern Michigan University business law professor. 
Ian Lyngklip, a nationally known consumer lawyer in said: "Movie theaters are regulated, so the lawsuit won't go anywhere"

All of us here in the Voodoo Kitchen always bring our own drinks and snacks into the theater.
We only buy the popcorn, with extra butter of course.

We simply don't care what the theater sign days, (actually, we have never seen such signs) but if push comes to shove, well just stop going altogether.