Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sandra Bullock Smuggles Sausages

Sandra Bullock has confessed.
She has admitted that she breaks the law on behalf of her Christmas dinner.
This law breaking is about her illegally importing sausages from Germany to continue a meal tradition started by the actress's mother. 

"Since my mother passed, we break the law, because we have to manage to smuggle German sausages into the country, and apparently bringing meats across the waters is against the law," Bullock told Jay Leno during an appearance on The Tonight Show. "You fry 'em up with some sauerkraut and potato salad, but they have to be the right ones."

When Leno pressed for the details, Bullock said with a smirk: "I'm not at liberty to divulge how we smuggle the sausage." 

"When you put it that way," Leno said, "I don’t want to know."