Monday, December 19, 2011

McDonald's Hash Browns Rage! Teacher Arrested

A Florida middle school teacher is facing a battery charge after she threw a buffets worth of food back through the drive-through window.

Simone Paolercio, 39, (photo above) had ordered about $20 worth of food when she got into an argument with a worker at the drive-thru window.

A McDonald’s worker said, “there was a disagreement over two hashbrowns,” Paolercio became “irritated” and “wanted them to take the food back and refund her money.”
After a manager arrived to speak with Paolercioeducate hook teacher threw some of the food items back through the drive-thru window when the manager refused to give her a refund. 

Some of the flying food hit the manager in the face and chest. At first the school teacher Paolercio said she didn't hit the manager  with breakfast.
But a deputy told her about the video footage and she could not argue with the surveillance video.

Paolercio, “fled the area in her vehicle” following the confrontation. After being tracked to her residence, she was arrested on the misdemeanor charge.

The lovely sixth grade teacher who teaches at Lakeland Highlands Middle School, Paolercio was booked into the county jail Saturday, and released from custody yesterday.

Her husband is threatening a lawsuit.