Sunday, December 11, 2011

Heston Blumenthal's Christmas puddings sell online for £200

His orange-filled Christmas puddings might be a mouth-watering taste sensation, but some sellers have been making big profits by selling Heston Blumenthal’s treat for up to £209 online, plus an express delivery fee of £9.05. That's over $300 US dollars.

There been those who are buying the £13.99 puddings in bulk from supermarkets before offering them on eBay for up to 14 times their retail price.

Last year Blumenthal’s orange-filled puddings, which are only sold in Waitrose and online on Ocado, sold out three weeks before Christmas.


While the pudding may look like a traditional Christmas pudding, but when cut open it reveals a whole candied orange inside.
In an advertisement it reads:  ‘The candied orange in the middle of this incredibly moist Christmas pudding makes it very special.
‘As it cooks, the essential oils from the orange peel infuse the nuts and fruit from the inside out producing a wonderfully aromatic Christmas pudding.’