Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's a 133 years old? - A Wedding Cake

The wedding cake was baked in 1898, making it 113 years old.

The wedding cake was baked 113 years ago and it looks brown now because the sugars have risen to the surface.
There is also a crack on the side after a bomb blast during world war 2.

But tests have been conducted on the cake with a syringe, and the results are rather amazing,  the rich fruit cake inside is still moist, - but we wouldn't eat it.

The baker's daughter, who was unmarried, decided to donate the cake to the Willis Museum in Basingstoke because she feared someone might find it in her attic and think she had been jilted at the alter.

Back in 1898 Queen Victoria was on the throne and HG Wells' classic War Of The Worlds was published.