Monday, February 28, 2011

Kraft Foods and the Prostitute

It's not everyday you see a commercial with a grandmother berating her granddaughter for dressing "like a prostitute."
But Kraft Foods is leading the way with its Athenos dairy products.

Just to put Grandmother in perspective, in another commercial, Grandma tells her granddaughter that she's "going to hell" for living with a guy to whom she's not married.

The commercials haven't even aired yet and the campaign is causing concern for its provocative language and stereotypes of Greeks.

"These commercials are not appropriate from a Greek perspective," says Maria Anagnostopoulos, program director at The Greek Institute. She wants them pulled.

But Kraft executives, say, that's not going to happen.
"While these ads may be controversial, for the most part people will see them for the light-hearted fun they are having," says Jill Baskin, director of advertising. "Any Greek Americans we ran them by thought they were really funny."

The video below shows this Greek grandmother ("yiayia" in Greek) twice telling her granddaughter — who is hosting a party — that she's dressed "like a prostitute." While dear old Grandma doesn't approve of her granddaughter's dress, she does approve of the brand of Greek hummus.