Sunday, September 19, 2010

Junior MasterChef will return next year

The good news is, Junior MasterChef, according to judge Matt Preston, will return next year.

It's easy to be become jaded and unimpressed, like we often are, BUT,  Junior MasterChef gives us hope,

When we watch contestants like Ainsleigh Friedrich, who has has undergone 7 open-heart surgeries in her 11 years cooking up a storm, and fellow Queenslanders, the Brisbane twins Isabella and Sofia in action, we become believers again.

Next Sunday night is the cook-off to determine the final 12, but we'll have to wait until October to see the  young chefs compete.

Ainsleigh dazzled the judges by preparing a squid tube stuffed with breadcrumbs, chilli, parsley, lemon and prawns.
Her squid dish was cooked perfectly and she was chosen as one of those who will continue on.