Thursday, March 11, 2010

PETA - Trash and Colorado Springs

PETA has made an offer to help the city of Colorado Springs by paying to put trash cans back in parks —but there's a catch.  The cans have to carry an anti-meat slogan and a picture of a woman in a lettuce bikini, like the one you see in the photo above.
The city stopped picking up trash in parks to save money, and all the trash cans were taken away.
So, PETA offered a deal to city officials, they'd pay for new trash cans. if the cans read  "Meat Trashes the Planet" and "Go Vegan." The cans must also have PETA logo and the lettuce-clad model.
Mayor Lionel Rivera says he'll consider the offer if PETA is also willing to pay to have the trash picked up and hauled to the dump.
But he also said that the Colorado Beef Council might demand equal time.