Monday, September 3, 2012

TSA tests drinks purchased inside airport

Transportation Security Administration has conjured up another way to waste time and taxpayer dollars – testing drinks purchased by travelers for explosives inside the airport long after they have already passed security.

TSA agents walk around the departure lounge asking to test passengers’ drinks for explosive residue with a swab they hold over the liquid.
Keep in mind, this is inside the terminal, beyond the security check and purchased inside the terminal, where people are waiting to get on the plane.
TSA people say that they are checking for explosive chemicals, as people are drinking them.
We were wondering if TSA’s next will be to visit people’s homes before they leave for the airport, or in the parking lot demanding to search people who aren’t even flying.
(you can never be too safe)

We suspect this drink testing scheme has little to do with real security efforts and everything to do with intimidation and obedience training.

The next thing you know they'll be demanding urine  samples to see if they too contain explosives. 

With the flu season just around the corner the TSA is capable of spreading more viruses and disease in an hour than Typhoid Mary. 
We seriously doubt they are changing their gloves regularly.