Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Global Pork shortage 'now unavoidable' in 2013


Pork lovers beware, the end for pork, as we know it, is near.
In fact, we strongly advice to start buying pork because the world shortage of pork next year is now unavoidable,' warns an industry trade group.

There are fewer pigs because of increased feed costs, the result  of poor harvests for corn and soybeans.

The drought ruined corn and soybean crops, so, pig farmers had to decrease herd sizes.

The announcement by the National Pig Association, is another sign of a global problem facing the industry and pork lovers everywhere.

It's no surprise that the corn and soybean meal prices which are set to rise because of the drought, that hog producers will cut herd sizes trying to control losses in their operating costs.

This year U.S. pork producers have been sending their hogs to slaughter in big numbers.
The nation’s pork supply hit record levels in August, rising 31% to 580.8 million pounds.
All this pork came as farmers reduced their herds as feeding the animals became increasingly expensive.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasts that the nation's per-capita supply of pork will drop in 2013 to its lowest level since 1975
Next year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasts that the nation’s per-capita supply of pork will drop to its lowest level since 1975.
The decline in production could be worse in Europe.

British Pig Executive Mick Sloyan told European retailers that pork losses could be as high 10 percent in the latter half of 2013, which could double pork prices.

Enjoy it while you can, the end is near.

We thank the people at Sugar Mountain Farms for this great  chart.