Friday, April 27, 2012

KFC: $8m payout to girl paralysed by poison chicken

(Monika Samaan and her father Amanwial leave the Supreme Court in Sydney in the photo above)

KFC has been ordered to pay $8 million to the parents of a girl who charge she was paralysed and brain damaged after eating a chicken Twister.

(Monika before and after the incident)

Monika Samaan, was age 7 when she became seriously ill with salmonella poisoning after eating at the Villawood KFC in 2005. 

Last week her family won an order against KFC, ordering KFC to pay $8 million plus legal costs.

KFC denied it was responsible for the poisoning and says it will appeal the decision.

In a statement the restaurant said the case was clearly tragic but they were "deeply disappointed and surprised" by the Judge's decision.

"We believe the evidence showed KFC did not cause this tragedy and, after reviewing the judgment and seeking further advice from our lawyers, we have decided to appeal Justice Rothman's decision."

Samaan was in a coma for six months and was left with spastic quadriplegia with severe brain damage after becoming ill.

During the trial her father told the court that he and his wife and son also required hospitalization after sharing her Twister.

The court had v heard that on the evening she ate the Twister, Monika said she couldn't finish, so she shared it with her elder brother and parents. 

Her grandmother who was also in the house chose not to have any. The next morning the four who had eaten the Twister felt ill with vomiting and diarrhea.

The next day Monika collapsed and all four were rushed to Westmead and Fairfield hospitals.

Experts at Westmead Hospital found Monika, her parents and older brother had a common strain of salmonella in their stools, although Monika's case was very rare.