Monday, April 11, 2011

Hey Kids, it's Happy Hour at Applebee's

Back in 2007 Applebee's had an incident in the Bay Area where a year a two-year-old boy became sick after drinking a margarita, complete with tequila and triple sec, his parents thought it was apple juice.

At the time the restaurant said the juice and margarita mix were stored in similar containers, and that was the reason for the mistake. After that the restaurant kept alcohol and juices in containers that no longer looked alike.
But this past Friday just last week a 15-month-old boy had the same thing happen to him at another Applebee's near Detroit.
The boy's parents said they ordered him an apple juice. He took several drinks then put his head on the table and fell asleep.
They say he woke up a short time later and was very happy, saying "hi" and "bye" to people as they passed their table and talking to the walls.
The mother took her son to a hospital and found that his blood alcohol level was .01. That's over the legal limit for an adult driver.
The drink again turned out to be a margarita.
The local Applebee's manager apologized, and the national office could only say the incident unacceptable.
Applebee’s corporate spokeswoman Nancy Mays said that the restaurant chain is conducting an independent review of the situation.
“Obviously any situation like this is unacceptable,” she said in an e-mailed statement. “We are cooperating with local authorities and conducting our own investigation to assess exactly what happened.”