Sunday, June 20, 2010

PETA Protester and the Singapore Police

We have often wondered what would happen if PETA went to an Asian country and protested.
Well, Edward Basse, an American PETA campaigner found out.
With his Pamela Anderson PETA sign, Edward stood outside a KFC in Singapore chanting anti-KFC messages.
This is when things went bad.
In Singapore protests are only allowed at a park known as the “Speaker’s Corner.” But first the protester must receive permission from the police before the demonstration can begin.
Edward did seek approval, but his protest was never authorized.
After the arrest, Edward was interrogated by the police and then later confined to his hotel room.
"It took a long time, the questioning, perhaps a couple of hours. I was scared, but that is what I have to do for the chickens," Basse said. "They confiscated my bags and the chicken costume, as well as the poster," he added.
"I am here now in my room safe, but what I went through is nothing compared to (the treatment of) the chickens."
Edward, was finally allowed to leave Singapore, but plans to come back someday.
Why do this?
“I have to do it for the chickens.”